Baileys Ultra Grass - 12.5kg

Baileys Ultra Grass - 12.5kg

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Baileys Ultra Grass is pure high temperature dried & chopped grass with a light dressing of soya oil, tis makes it ideal for fussy feeders & provides them with extra oils for coat health. The unique drying process helps maintain the aroma, colour & nutrient content of the grass meaning that natural sugars are maintained making it not suitable for the laminitis prone. Ultra Grass is super rich in fibre making it particularly useful for horses that struggle to access fresh pasture.

Ideal For

  • Fussy feeders, especially poor forage/fibre feeders who need a tempting partial alternative to hay or haylage
  • Horses on box rest or those with little or no access to pasture
  • Poorer-doers or horses whose forage is of poor nutritional quality


Dried Grass, Soya Oil

Analytical Constituents

Digestible Energy 10.5 MJ/kg, Protein 11.5%, Oil 3.5%, Fibre 22% & Ash 7.5%