Gor Pets Rope Tree Cat Scratcher - Brown/Cream

Gor Pets Rope Tree Cat Scratcher - Brown/Cream

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An elegant design from Gor Pets with a touch of fluff and furriness. There are three levels, a hole purrfect for playing through and a rope to bat at, it will keep cats amused for hours.

Key Features:

  • Designed for a quick and easy build
  • With an elegant design packed with features
  • Made with soft, fluffy and furry outer fabrics to ensure comfort and softness
  • With three levels providing tons of active fun
  • With a hanging rope for your cat to bat and climb
  • With quality tubing wrapped in sisal rope, providing an ideal place for your cat to scratch instead of your furniture!
  • Helps prevent boredom, keeping cats amused for hours
  • Simple yet stylish colouring, ideal for any home

Measurements (Approx.)

82 cm tall