Raviera Rape Straw Bedding with Lavender 20kg

Raviera Rape Straw Bedding with Lavender 20kg

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The latest addition to the range is Raviera with Lavender. It uses the same high quality oil seed rape straw, which is then processed to create a highly absorbent and dust extracted bedding and with the addition of Lavender essential oil both horse and owner benefit:

  • Treated with essential Lavender oil
  • Lavender is known as a stress reliever
  • Also known for anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties
  • Discourages bed eating with the help of a harmless bittering agent
  • Trials of the Lavender infused bedding were very successful with riders enjoying the calming Lavender fragrance whilst those horses who may have had a tendency to bed eat, were found to be less likely to.

As with the Raviera and Raviera Pro horse bedding, Raviera with Lavender also offers the same valued benefits:

  • 100% Pure Oil Seed Rape Straw
  • Chopped and dust extracted
  • Baled between 9% and 12% moisture
  • Highly absorbent
  • Dust extracted
  • Can be treated to discourage eating and aid respiratory health
  • Cost effective
  • Quick and easy to muck out
  • Easy disposal and rots quickly
  • Forms a good dense bed
  • Highly compressed, non clumping 20kg bags
  • Ready to use, no preparation required